Half-board menu


Broccoli cream, sour cream

1 Grilled pork curry, sweet potato puree, demi-glace sauce

2 Roasted sea bass, butter porridge

Mascarpone with caramel apples


Chicken broth with meat, Celestine noodles

1 Pork tenderloin tips, Dijon mustard and cream sauce, jasmine rice

2 Chicken fillets on lettuce, disguised egg

Blueberry cheesecake


Tomato soup, roasted julienne vegetables

1 Chicken supreme with mushroom fashée, rosemary potatoes

2 Rainbow trout fillets, Beluga lentil salad

Crème brûlée with strawberries


Pea cream with cream

1 Grilled turkey steak, glazed shallots, wild rice

2 Marinated pork steak, pepper sauce, sweet potato fries

Chocolate mousse with almonds


Potatoe soup

1 Veal roullade, roasted potatoe, shallot sauce

2 Grilled chicken breast, creamy risotto

Pear strudel with vanilla sauce and ice cream


Pumpkin soup with sour cream

1 Chicken roll with Tyrolean bacon and cheese, mashed potatoes

2 Grilled tilapia, vegetable ratatouille

Panna cotta with fruit


Mushroom soup Kulajda with veiled egg

1 Pork chop, grilled vegetables, cognac sauce

2 Beef teriyaki noodles, wild rice

Carrot cake, frosted crème fraîche

Vegetarian half board

Vegetable soup with rice noodles

1 Grilled tempeh, grilled vegetables, sweet potato puree

2 Smoked tofu, spicy couscous with vegetables, cherry tomatoes

Tapioca with coconut milk and fruit