Menu polopenze


Creamy vegetable soup with croutons

1 Chicken steak with cheese sauce and roasted sweet potatoes

2 Grilled perch on mixed leaf salad

Cocoa cake with cream


Chicken broth with meat and vegetables

1 Pork neck steak with wild rice and roasted pepper sauce

2 Home-made potato gnocchi with mushrooms and parmesan

Cheesecake with fruit


Mixed salad with beetroot and feta cheese

1 Turkey breast with spinach and mashed potatoes

2 Tagliatelle with grilled vegetables and basil

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce


Peas cappuccino with beetroot chips 1

1 Grilled tenderloin with cream potatoes

2 Mixed leaf salad with grilled chicken breast

Cheesecake with forest fruits


Caprese with basil pesto

1 Slow-roasted pork curry on mushrooms with chive potatoes

2 Pikeperch fillets with pea puree and lemon sauce

Carrot cake


Pumpkin soup with cream and croutons

1 Chicken roulade with rocket and ham with jasmine rice

2 Potato gnocchi with herbs and cream with grilled tenderloin

Creme brulee


Torn salad with smoked breast

1 Grilled pork blood with honey-sauce roasted potatoes

2 Spaghetti with cherry mozzarella and basil

Home-made cake with plums

Vegetarian half board