Seasonal menu

Creamy mushroom soup, spinach oil 1,7

115 CZK

Gratin portobello mushrooms, blue cheese, rucola 7

220 CZK

Grilled duck breast, mushroom stuffing, baked sweet potatoes with thyme

410 CZK

Baby chicken, mushroom stuffing, butter sauce, baked shallots 1,3,7,

395 CZK

Slowly cooked beef round, mushroom and creamy sauce, buns dumpligs 1,7,9

320 CZK

Vegetable salad, beetroot, quail egg, cheddar sauce, herbs chips 1,3,7

265 CZK

Cold appetizers

Zucchini tartare with capers 1,3,5,7

125 CZK

Marinated salmon with honey-mustard sauce 4,9,10

295 CZK

Duck rillettes, pickled vegetable, bread 1,3,7,10

145 CZK

Warm starters

Baked goat cheese with honey and sesame, grilled baguette 1,3,7,11

195 CZK

Fried shrimps in corn crumbs on salad, with cream dip 1,2,3,6,7

275 CZK


Potato soup with mushrooms 9

95 CZK

Strong beef broth with meat, julienne vegetables and Tyrolean dumplings 1,3,7,9

95 CZK

Main courses

Cypriot halloumi cheese with grilled vegetables 6,7

285 CZK

Rabbit leg stuffed with vegetables, potato gnocchi with bacon and onion 1,3,6,7

355 CZK

Fried pork schnitzel with chive potatoes 1,3,6,7

255 CZK

Sirloin fillet in cream with Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries 1,3,7,9,10

365 CZK

Confit duck leg with red cabbage and potato dumplings with onion 1,3,7,9,10

325 CZK

Pasta and risotto

Tagliatelle with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and parmesan 1,3,7,9

215 CZK

Homemade potato gnocchi with bolognese ragout and Gran Moravia cheese 1,3,9

235 CZK

Creamy risotto with shiitake mushrooms and sheep’s cheese 7,9

245 CZK


Caesar salad with chicken and bacon 1,3,6,10

205 CZK

Greek salad with feta cheese and black olives 6,7

165 CZK


Deep fried Cod in Panko crumbs with chives potatoes and creamy dip 3,4,6,7

395 CZK

Pikeperch fillets in butter with sweet potato puree 4,7,9,10

325 CZK

Meat on the grill

The sauce and side dish of your choice is included in the price of the meal
Boar medallions 6,9

465 CZK

Rib eye steak 6,9

565 CZK

Beef rump steak 6,9

535 CZK

Chicken supreme with honey cherry tomatoes 6

315 CZK

Grilled duck breast on honey 6

345 CZK

Pork tenderloin on coloured pepper 6,9

345 CZK


Cranberry sauce 9

45 CZK

Mushroom sauce 1,6,7

45 CZK

Mornay sauce 1,6,7,9

45 CZK

Demi-glace with cognac 1,6,7

45 CZK

Pepper sauce 1,6,7

45 CZK

Side dishes

Mix of sliced vegetables

60 CZK

Grilled baguette with garlic butter 1,3,6,7

45 CZK

Mushroom ragout 6,7,9

45 CZK

Stewed vegetables in butter 6,7

60 CZK

Grilled vegetables with shallots 6

60 CZK

Steak fries 6

45 CZK

Mashed potatos with onion and bacon 6,7

60 CZK

Jasmine rice

45 CZK

Boiled potatoes 7

45 CZK


Variations of sorbets and ice creams 7

155 CZK

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream 1,3,7

155 CZK

Panna cotta with forest fruits 7

155 CZK

Chocolate brownie with nuts 1,3,7,8

155 CZK

Raspberry cake 3,6,7

155 CZK

List of allergens is available on request – ask our staff.

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